Custom Covers Measuring



Width: Measure beyond pipes and valves on both ends. Choose width that gives you enough room for fit and balance.

Height: Measure from floor to top of radiator. Add at least one inch and choose nearest standard height to fit.

Depth: Leave ample room both in front and in back of radiator – choose depth which is larger than radiator.

Make certain that enclosures can be slipped over the top. If radiator is recessed, give height of radiator and height of bottom sill or opening, and we will make suitable back-apron to slip in. We can also make the unit without a back for ease of installation. However, we do not suggest a tight fit for recessed or semi-recessed radiators.

Add at least 2 1/2″ or more to the existing width of your radiator. Hinged lid will be 1/2″ larger then ordered width.

Add at least 1 1/2″ or more to the existing height of your radiator. Add an additional 1/2″ if choosing to have an insulated top. Humidifiers need an additional 3″. If you are choosing to have both a Insulated Top and Humidifier you should be adding an additional 5″ to the height of your radiator.

Add at least 1 1/2″ or more to the existing depth of your radiator. (2 1/2″ for Oxford, Cambridge and Newport). The hinged lid will be 3/8″ larger then ordered depth.

When floor is uneven order with adjustable legs.

When floor is uneven order with adjustable legs.

NOTE: If you need your enclosure an exact size, or have any cutouts you may need for pipes or moldings, please use our Radiator Diagram sheet to provide us with your measurements.

Click here for our “SKETCH SHEET”

Print it and fax to us at 516-367-6490.

If you HAVE any questions, please contact us at 516-224-4555 Or toll free at 844-650-4555

Please measure carefully, radiator covers are not returnable.

backless-radiatorBackless Radiator Cover – 1″ Inch Flange on Top and Both Sides

backless-b4-aftBackless Radiator Cover – Before and After

custom-overhangsHinged Lid Overhangs

humidifier-pan Humidifier Pan

offset-topOffset Top